Stop Smoking



The world has been sold a lie. You’ve been told that smoking is an addiction on par with heroin, maybe stronger. You’ve been told that quitting smoking is hard. Friends have told you this lie, family have told you this lie, and your government has told you this lie. Various methods are endorsed by the medical community, all of which include reducing your intake of nicotine. These methods have a horrible record of failure.

Here’s the truth:

Quitting smoking can be easy. You can walk away free. Imagine the money you will save. How do I know? Because I was a smoker.

That’s right. Once upon a time, I was a smoker myself. I started when I was a teenager and continued for 20 years. I understand what you’re going through.

My smoking program is modeled on how I utilized Hypnosis, NLP techniques, and other strategies to make sure I walked away from smoking easily for good.

This smoking program is a smokers way to quit. I know you want to quit. There is something holding you back. Most smokers are afraid that life will be different – less enjoyable – then before. You ask yourself, “How can I cope with stress?” or “How will I enjoy social situations?” or worse “What will I do after I eat?!” I guarantee that life is far more enjoyable as a nonsmoker! Your food tastes better. You smell better. You have more money!

This is a SOLUTION based program. The methods used allow you to change your mind, and prepare your body. You will be a nonsmoker, and remain a nonsmoker.

Imagine finishing your favorite meal and being able to sit back and relax completely satisfied. You can taste all the subtle flavors you may have never tasted before. Someone you know asks you to smoke with them, and you smile and calmly reply, “I don’t need that anymore.”

Willpower has nothing to do with it.

I will help you remove the need and desire to smoke. You’ll be thrilled to put out your last cigarette knowing you can handle stress and enjoy your life better since you broke the chain. You won’t miss smoking at all. You may find it difficult to believe you ever enjoyed smoking to begin with!

If you read this far you might be wondering how this works.


I use a systematic approach to knocking down your fears or concerns. You can ask questions anytime they arise. You’ll be given a smoke break or two, each time with instructions. Finally, you will have your last cigarette, after which we reinforce everything with Hypnosis.

You deserve a life as a nonsmoker. You deserve a life free from the addiction and habit. It takes courage to make the decision to change, the change itself will be easy


This program is designed to help you become a nonsmoker on the first session. So, what happens on the rare occasion when someone relapses after that session? I will continue to work with you to achieve your goal at no additional charge; every client receives  support by email, phone, and in person when available for 90 days. I can’t guarantee human behavior, or that you will follow every instruction. I can’t brainwash you. I do give every effort to see you succeed.


If you smoke one pack a day at the average cost of cigarettes, you spend $2,190 on smoking. Two pack smokers are spending well over $4,000 a year! If you started smoking when you were 18 years old and continued until you were lucky enough to live to 80, that would be an investment over $135,000 for smoking. That’s assuming prices remained as they are today!

So are you ready to save yourself $100,000? I hope so. You deserve a life of freedom.

When you click register, you will arrive at a contact page. Send me a message with your name, email address, and phone number. Include your interest in quitting smoking, and your reason. I will reply with a list of instructions for the next step.

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