Not You

Most people don’t care.

They won’t make eye contact or return a smile. They won’t offer a kind word or a helping hand.

Most People don’t try.

They won’t take chances. They let their dreams die. They talk and talk and talk about what they would’ve, should’ve, could’ve done.

Most people are stuck in the past.

They tell the same stories over and over again. They yearn for the glory days. They don’t adapt. They don’t change. There will be no progress.

Most people worry about the future.

They get paralyzed with fear. They worry about failure. Even worse, they worry about success. They are haunted by what if’s.

Most people live too fast.

They don’t slow down and enjoy life. They don’t see the gift of this moment. They worry. They stress. They build lists instead of connection.

Most people are too busy.

They’re too busy too laugh. They’re too lost to love. They’re too serious to play.

Most people can’t forgive.

They can’t accept your change. They swallow hate and hold it like a shield against you. They want you to fail.

Who are you going to be.?

Fortunately, I suspect you’re not most people.

About Lonnie Scott

The Founder of The Skate For Diabetes, The Owner & Hypnotist / Meditation Coach at The Mattoon Hypnosis Center, Mastermind Writer at Tribe Awakened, Contributing Writer for Who Forted, Tarot Reader, lover of laughter and the weird, jam skating addict, proud father, and leader of the Cult of Awesome!