Smile In the Face of Drama and Fear

Handle Haters Worldwide!

Handle Haters Worldwide!

One of my favorite quotes came from a book you probably never heard about: The Principia Discordia.

Bullshit makes the flowers grow & that’s beautiful.

I would have legendary wealth if I had just one dollar for every time someone said something negative about me or spread gossip behind my back. I would be willing to bet you would have a treasure the same size under those conditions.

We love to gossip. One person says something horrible about another person. That story catches fire. Soon everyone is adding their own twist. It happens in every workplace, every home, and probably any place two or more people gather.

Some people will alter their lives based on what other people are saying about them. Think about that. You might even consider dropping your friends based on what other people think about your relationship.

The best solution for dealing with these gossipers is ignoring them. There’s no use in fighting it. People talk about other people. That doesn’t mean that gossipers and rumor mongers should be influencing your life.

What about when people get mean right to your face?

Writing this blog is a little frightening. I open myself up for judgment every time I push the publish button. It’s not the easiest task to share my art with the world. There will be those among you that hate what I write. They will nitpick my grammar. They will call my message stupid. They will send hate mail that tells me to shut up.

I smile and say thanks. Thank you for noticing. Thank you for taking the time to read. Thank you very much!

I was unemployed a few years ago. Losing my job wasn’t in the plan. I started collecting unemployment checks like so many of you hit by the recession. There was a little more than enough to cover the bills. I wanted to do something with the change leftover. So I grabbed a piece of paper. On one side I listed all the careers I wanted, and the businesses I thought I could build. On the other side I listed the qualifications I would need for each of the positions I listed. I started crossing out the items that required too much money or degrees I didn’t have. I was left with one dream business I could pursue with my resources. I was going to become a Certified Hypnotist.

Have you ever tried telling people you love that you’re about to spend all your money on a risk pursuing a passion? I was told it wouldn’t work. I was being foolish. They said Hypnosis isn’t even real! I just smiled and said thanks. It’s my life. It’s my mission. Thank you very much!

Most people won’t even try. That’s where the gossip comes from. That’s why they call you stupid. Haters belittle other people because they’re jealous. They’re afraid.

They’re not you.

You know how to smile. Remember to say thanks.







About Lonnie Scott

The Founder of The Skate For Diabetes, The Owner & Hypnotist / Meditation Coach at The Mattoon Hypnosis Center, Mastermind Writer at Tribe Awakened, Contributing Writer for Who Forted, Tarot Reader, lover of laughter and the weird, jam skating addict, proud father, and leader of the Cult of Awesome!

  • Great timing, Lonnie. This is something I’ve been trying to reinforce in my own life more often, and its become one of my “New Years Threats”. I think everyone could benefit from learning how to gracefully deal with outside negativity. I’ve come to find that, as you touch on, that’s a lot harder to avoid when it comes to the internet. 

    Something that Dana and I have started turning into our mantra, as ill-timed as a saying like this may be in this day and age, is “pull the trigger”. Too often we find ourselves relying on the influence of other’s to make our decisions in life. Much like your choice to become a hypnotist (and a damn good one at that!), the only one who can ever really get the ball rolling is you.

    I hope your New Year is all about good vibes, good people, and plenty of success! Oh, and keep these coming, dude! 

    •  Great comment, Greg! Thank you!

      I like the mantra you and Dana are adopting. Pull the trigger! That’s awesome! You could do more than make it a mantra. We have a reflex to anything new. You’ll notice it every time you’re about to do something off routine. It might be hesitation, or creeping doubt in the form of a nasty voice, sweaty palms, or any number of cues. That is the time to tell yourself to pull the trigger.

      Go out and set up some small challenges to get some practice.

      Thank you for the good wishes, and a Happy Successful New Year to you as well!

  • If you AREN’T nervous before you hit publish then you’ve written shit. That’s my one yardstick. Love the fear! 🙂

    •  Gordon, once again you speak the truth! There’s a nasty little bastard living inside my head. He says awful things when my mouse hovers near the publish button. Thankfully I have a loop running in my head in Seth Godin’s voice saying, “You have to ship!”