Awakened Challenge: 100 Gratitudes


One word that can change your world.

Gratitude is the first technique I teach every client. It’s the first attitude I adopt every day. It’s the one thing standing between me and arrows in my back.

You may not realize all you have to grateful about. That’s why I’m holding this new challenge.

I normally have a client compose a list of three things in the last twenty four hours that they can be grateful about. The positive changes gratitude bring is a long list. The best benefit is clear. When you practice daily gratitude you will train your mind to recognize the good in your life with more ease. Stop and think about how amazing that could benefit your life.

All too often someone will tell me they can’t think of three good things in their lives within the last twenty four hours. That’s a simple challenge I welcome. I even expect it these days. That’s why I’m going to build a list of one hundred things I’m grateful about in my life. Each item on the list brings a true smile to my face. It might even make me laugh or cry. Every item on the list touches me in a way that brings positivity to my life.

Without further jabbering. Here’s my list.

  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Touch
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
  6. Music
  7. Free Radio
  8. Books
  9. Libraries
  10. The internet for the access to the world’s knowledge.
  11. Compassion
  12. Kindness
  13. Great Sex
  14. Hugs
  15. Smiles from strangers
  16. Laughter
  17. Each on of my children
  18. Kissing
  19. Movie Theaters
  20. Cars
  21. Road Trips
  22. The beach …especially white sand
  23. The oceans
  24. The moon
  25. Jupiter
  26. Mythologies
  27. Trees for the air we breathe
  28. My health
  29. My job
  30. Writing
  31. Hypnosis
  32. Michio Kaku and Brian Green
  33. Telescopes
  34. Doctors
  35. Dentists
  36. Planes
  37. Florida
  38. Raves
  39. DJ’s
  40. Good bartenders
  41. Spiced Rum
  42. The Dalai Lama
  43. Tumblr for one amazing connection
  44. Facebook for the network
  45. Grandma
  46. My entire family
  47. Food on the table
  48. Clean water
  49. Electricity
  50. Showers
  51. Martial arts
  52. Sushi
  53. Several blogs that I read daily
  54. College
  55. WordPress making this easy
  56. PureVision making this pretty
  57. Twitter for tracking blogs
  58. Tarot
  59. Runes
  60. NLP
  61. Mindfulness
  62. Summer
  63. Swimming
  64. Sunscreen
  65. Umbrellas
  66. High Fives
  67. Horror movies for the screams
  68. Comedies for the laughs
  69. Adam Sandler for being awesome
  70. My Pets
  71. The smell of air conditioning
  72. Lucid dreams
  73. Evolution
  74. Napster for changing the internet and world as we know it
  75. Smart phones
  76. Hand made goods
  77. Friendship
  78. YOU
  79. Seth Godin for being the great teacher he is.
  80. The sky for always changing
  81. Rain for the life it feeds
  82. A cool breeze on a hot day
  83. Storms for the awe and power
  84. Microscopes to see the littlest details
  85. Philosophers
  86. Sunglasses
  87. Chicago Cubs for bringing people together
  88. Chicago Bears for making Sundays awesome
  89. Chicago Bulls for 6 championships
  90. Fantasy Football
  91. 670 the score for all the shows
  92. Spell check
  93. Microsoft Windows
  94. Nyquil for the coughing sneezey nights
  95. Caramel Machiattos
  96. Empathy
  97. Warm coats
  98. Air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter
  99. Public Restrooms
  100. The awareness within each and every one of us that is the mystery of consciousness.

There it is. One hundred gratitudes that make my life better.

I could add more to the list. I’m sure I didn’t think of others. Every day brings another opportunity to discover another gift in my life. Practicing daily gratitude allows me the chance to notice when those positive gifts appear.

What’s your list? Do you think you can do one hundred? How about the daily recommended three?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

About Lonnie Scott

The Founder of The Skate For Diabetes, The Owner & Hypnotist / Meditation Coach at The Mattoon Hypnosis Center, Mastermind Writer at Tribe Awakened, Contributing Writer for Who Forted, Tarot Reader, lover of laughter and the weird, jam skating addict, proud father, and leader of the Cult of Awesome!